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Company financing

While in Germany the revenue figures on the basis of profit and loss accounts are dominant, Anglo-American business administration approaches are ruled by cash-based KPIs, strictly under the motto “profit is an opinion, cash is a fact”

This approach is increasingly causing problems for entrepreneurs here in Germany. Positive profitability is eaten up by investment, repayments, changes to working capital or private withdrawals and the business gets into difficulties regarding liquidity.

With the current credit restrictions by the banks, these liquidity problems are hard to tackle. This is why it is important to identify and implement an optimal mix of financing, tailored to the respective needs of the company.

Our services for you:

  • Creation of financing concepts
  • Inclusion of subsidies
  • Inclusion of other financial instruments
  • Negotiation with banks
  • Creation of viable debt Service cover ratios
  • Planning liquidity transactions
  • Continuous surveillance of financing – especially with regard to fixed interest periods
  • Securities management

Your benefits:

  • Ability to pay at any time
  • Cost and liquidity optimised financing structures
  • Financial far-sightedness
  • Optimal communication with financing partners
  • Supervision, checks and control